An efficient answer to manage International Mobility

At Expateo, we design powerful and innovative tools to facilitate the internationalization of corporate HR policies.
Our mission : guarantee the success of your digitization project and the overall satisfaction of our users.

Why global mobility?

Talents without borders

The world is changing and so is our relationship to work.

Digital technology has changed our lives and the Covid crisis has accelerated these transformations even more. Today, the job market is also experiencing a diversification of its procedures of exercising.

A necessary digitalization

A pivotal period, more important than ever for companies and the management of their global mobility.

A period that requires the digitization of these aspects for all HR teams. Our solutions can be adapted to help you make the most of your international experience.

Global Mobility, a strategic issue

For all companies, whatever your goals are, we bring you the answer to manage your international HR issues
From expatriation to short-term assignments, from impatriation to "work from anywhere", including the recruitment of talent abroad, our tools allow you to manage, analyze and optimize your global mobility policies.

Tools to make your world easier

Three digital solutions with the same mission: to help companies and their employees to manage international mobility in a better way.

the ideal workflow for HR teams

IPAR is a workflow tool that allows you to efficiently and simply manage your International Mobility through a centralization of data and actions.


It is designed for companies hiring employees abroad, for long or short term missions.


User friendly, with clear information, the software ensures monitoring and control of the costs related to mobility.


A global vision
A connection with all providers and employees
A secure process
Complete tracking and reporting
Automatic document creation
Better cost control

Your benefits

Improved communication with talent
Gain in compliance
Time saving
Analytical vision
Global mobility

the application that accompanies your employees


A centralization of information
Checklists of steps to take
A connection with its HR team and its providers
Real-time monitoring and support
Personalized services

Your benefits

Time saving
A better experience
Global mobility

BIDAIA the application that accompanies your employees
The Digital Personal Mobility Assistant allows your employees to manage all the steps related to their international mobility in a single space.

Customized, it centralizes all information and documents and offers employees a better welcoming experience in their new environment.

IPAR Immigration digital HR solution for managing your immigration procedures in France

In a strained labour market, companies of all sizes are experiencing a talent shortage. What if the much sought-after talent were currently abroad ?


For the recruitment of foreign talent in France, whether it is a foreign talent already on the territory or a non-EU national, many mechanisms exist (Talent Passport, European Blue Card, ICT seconded employee…) and the employer’s obligations depend on the nationality of the talent.


In order to simplify your HR management of mandatory procedures, IPAR Immigration digitalizes immigration procedures for greater compliance, efficiency and autonomy.

IPAR Immigration it's

Accurate and reliable information
Checklists of steps to take
Optimization of each step of the immigration process
Automation of the tasks
Support throughout the process

Your benefits

Foreign recruitment compliance
Time saving
Global mobility

An app and assistance

To help your teams get the most out of our solution, our support center, based in France, is available to solve any problems and answer any questions.

At all times, our consultants are by your side to help you succeed with the digital experience of international mobility.

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