Why Global Mobility?

Global Mobility has become one of the biggest HR challenges when it comes to companies’ internationalisation.

A Trend…

The removal of commercial barriers, free trade and companies’ internationalisation raised the issue of international workers’ flow management.

Indeed, to remain competitive and ensure their growth, companies had to think their HR implementation strategy at a global scale.

In order to succeed in their international development and implementation, companies have to handle continuous inbound and outbound flows of workers.

…that became a necessity…

Handling International Mobility has quickly become the new paradigm.

That’s why, through their International Mobility services, Human Resources ensure that all employees are monitored, supported and helped throughout their international journey.

…turned out to be strategic

International Mobility has turned out to be a strategic department when it comes to the companies’ international development. However, it has been acknowledged that International Mobility tends to be limited to its operational and technical fonction, completely leaving out strategy.

Indeed, International Mobility management is late in terms of process and tools optimisation. It’s gradually becoming vital for companies to ensure that they are up to date with IM management equipment in order not to lose time in this process that can end up being extremely complex. This is why mastering International flows of employees – whether it comes to risk, efficiency or costs management, paves the way to an unexpected but valuable source of added value.

All in all, a successful human resource management and international job opportunities are a major asset for companies’ attractiveness.

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